Creating and sustaining Whole Child educational systems that foster growth.

Consulting Services

We create professional learning opportunities for school leaders, teachers, staff, and students that:

  • develop social emotional learning systems;
  • engage staff in robust pedagogical dialogue;
  • introduce innovative, evidence-based strategies and experiential learning; and
  • empower them to create and sustain a socially-, emotionally,- and academically-rigorous learning communities.

Professional learning formats include

  • facilitated sessions,
  • work sessions, and
  • keynotes.

Social Emotional Learning

Students must be placed at the center of teaching and learning to achieve at their highest academic level and be prepared to learn, live, and lead at their fullest potential. When policy and practice are aligned, they will experience a Whole Child environment where social-emotional learning skills are modeled, fostered, and developed.

Cultural Competency & Equity

Educators must ensure a healthy, safe learning environment in which each student feels supported, engaged, and challenged. However, institutional barriers exist that hinder our students’ academic, social, and emotional growth. By integrating social-emotional learning (SEL), educators can dismantle barriers, heal wounds from inequity, and cultivate students’ social-emotional skills.

Who We Are

Resonance Educational Consulting is a team of consultants and professional learning facilitators who collaborate with administrators and staff to establish system-wide learning communities that foster social, emotional, and academic growth.


SEL Implementation Audit Tool

The SEL Audit determines the extent school and district SEL initiatives are comprehensive and focused on the five intrapersonal, interpersonal, and cognitive competencies from the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s framework.

Eduplanet21 SEL Learning Paths

These online learning experiences provide educators with crucial information regarding the value of focusing on social emotional learning (SEL) in the K-12 setting. Each Learning Path also details numerous ways in which to integrate SEL competencies at the classroom and building levels.

SEL Themes

Based on the SEL Standards, this resource reveals the vertical alignment of critical social emotional learning themes by competency, thus allowing educators to understand how to meet students’ SEL needs more effectively.

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